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Ever put lipstick every morning only to have it wind up everywhere but the lips the lips by the afternoon? While it gives a pretty perk on any makeup look, lipstick can sometimes feel like hassle, especially when it smudges. How do you keep your lip color on your lips and not on the sides, on your face and on your teeth? Here are some tips and advices that never worry about your lipstick giving you the slip again.

  1. PREP YOUR LIPS, applying lipstick to dry or on cracked lips is the easiest way to get it to skedaddle before you even walked out the door. To smooth over the cracks, first swipe some lip balm, then allow the balm to dry for a couple of minutes before layering on your favourite lipstick color.
  2. KEEP COLOR OFF YOUR TEETH, protect yourself from this common fauz pas with simple your lips once. The color that hanging out on the innermost part of your lips will come off with your finger, keeping it off your pearly whites.
  3. POWDER UP, this works especially well with high gloss pigment that go haywire in the heat. After applying a lipstick, blot with a tissue, next place the tissue over your lips. Use a set of powder and fluffy blush brush; lightly tap the powder on the tissue. The powder will absorb the excess moisture of the lipstick and keep it in its place.
  4. WALK THE LINE; have lipsticks that tend to head south to your chin? Take a cream concealer and trace around the outside of your lips with it. A lip liner brush will help keep the line steady and get it as close to your lips as possible. The concealer will act like a wall against your lipstick, preventing it from smudging across your face.
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