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Handbag is one of the most important fashion accessory, it goes with a woman almost everywhere, that why it is a good idea for a petite woman to know what to look for when buying a handbag and carrying it. Aside from color consideration, current fashion trends and price there are some factors that the petite woman should take into account when choosing or carrying a handbag.

1. Consider the handbag shape, fashion theory hold that woman should carry handbag in shape that opposite to their body type. Example, curvy women could use angular purse and rectangular shape of woman, could accessorize with slouchy purse with a rounded shape.

2. Consider the size of handbag, huge handbag look proportion to a short woman size, so it is best to avoid then in favor of medium, to small size bags. Short woman look even bigger if she carries tiny clutch for daytime, keeping proportion in balance with size means that most short women should be carrying medium size bag for everyday wear. Evening bag of course traditionally smaller bag than other handbag, but even in this case, scale the evening bag so that it doesn’t seem out of proportion.

3. Consider where and how a handbag will be carried, this factor is important, because handbag will add bulk to their body nearest the handbag. Petite woman who have inverted triangle shape figures should avoid shoulder bag with short strap because handbag will add unneeded bulk at the bust line. Petite woman have rectangle shape figure should avoid carrying cross body bags that fall at the waistline. Keep in mind that if you don’t want to call attention to a certain area of your figure doesn’t carry your handbag next to the area you want to minimize.

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